• Soapstone Ice Cubes…Stone Age style

    Soapstone Chilly Rocks or Comfort Cubes…you choose!
    Well, we’ve decided to bring a bit of simplicity to the table…or more like a touch of the stone age. We have created these great little cubes of Soapstone that are just the cutest little cubic blocks you’ve ever seen. They are available in a 1 1/4″ x 1 1/4″ x 1 1/4″ with softend radial corners in a rockin’ fashion. Put them in a cotton pouch or a freezer safe container & simply let the stones chill out a bit and then voila…a nice cold drink on the rocks, quite literally!
    Not only are they a cool way to dress up a drink but they also serve up well as comfort stones along side a nice warm loaf of home baked bread or a toasty mug of Hot Chocolate. To use the stones in this fashion, simply heat em’ up in the oven, on the grill or bathe them in a hot pot of boiling water using a sturdy pair of tongs to place where desired. Soapstone is well known for it’s remarkable heat characteristics, it retains heat more then any other stone yet known to man. In fact in Finland many fireplaces are built entirely of Soapstone material, it’s even used as a building material to build pizza ovens brick and all!
    They are completely inert, they will not add any flavor.
    These darling little cubes are available for purchase
    *Free gift with purchase from Crocodile Rock’s!!!
    Item A.)
    1-Set (12 Cubes)
    Total: $26.65
    Item B.)
    1-Set (9 Cubes)
    Total: $20.00
    Item C.)
    1-Set (6 Cubes)
    Tax additional if applicable.
    Shipping & Handling additional if applcable.
    * To order please call (425) 483-2053
    Cheers to a chilly cup on the rock’s or comfort cubes.
    Warmly, Crocodile Rocks, Inc.
    Natural Stone Company
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