1cm Thin slabs

We’ve been fabricating a lot of these lightweight porcelain slabs. They are extremely easy to work with, if you know what you’re doing. Since we’ve been installing stone on yachts all these years, we’ve become accustom to handling these slabs. Our owner Mike, also attended the training in Chicago, earlier this year. They look very realistic. And you don’t have to worry about your marble etching, scratching or staining. The main tell is the edge. Since the pattern is only on the surface and not throughout the stone, when you miter it, there is a blank line at the top of the mitered edge. The cost is significantly less than natural stone.  If you’re having them installed on a floor or shower walls, this product will save on labor as well. Because it’s so light weight, that it won’t require numerous men to install it. If you want 1cm thin slabs in natural stone. We can actually gauge any material (2cm or 3cm) into 1cm, back it with a special (Marine tech) backing and install them in the same manner.

Here are a few photos of some of the jobs we’ve done in this type of product. I’ve also included a few behind the scene shots.