Danby Marble

Danby Marble is a variation that is quarried in Vermont, USA. Its actually a harder marble than most, which is called a Dolomite. It has larger crystals that actually make the stone look a bit sparkly, whereas Carrara Marble has a very matte look. This Danby marble has a lower porosity rate than most marbles, which makes it a bit harder to stain. As far as hardness, we’ve tested both Danby & Carrara, and we think they scratch & etch about the same. If you were looking for an easier kitchen countertop to maintain, we suggest having the stone honed (matte). If you select the slab polished, your stone fabricator can easily hone the slab (for an additional cost). But that way you can remove scratches & stains with comet & a green scotch brite. It doesn’t help the stone from etching against acid, but since acid etching is just a matte finish with a bit of a texture, you can simply sand it away.  If you had a polished surface, it etching would be way more obvious, because it would be a dull area; so when your countertop is already dull, its a lot less obvious AND you can remove it yourself! Some homeowners choose a polished finish, but then have to schedule a fabricator to come out every so often & repolish their tops. 

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