We employ thirty highly skilled craftsmen with combined experience that adds up to centuries!

  • Waterjet technicians – 20 years experience
  • CNC technicians – 7 years experience
  • Hand carvers – 58 years experience
  • Hand cutting and shaping – 101 years experience
  • Slab installation – 134 years experience
  • Tile installation – 60 years experience

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  1. John DeRosa says:

    Our patio has a water feature, and its pump is in a vault under our patio. The vault lid is 37 3/8″ x 25 1/4” x ~1 3/4”, and three edges have been machined to have a lip, so it mates with the lip of the vault opening.

    The lid is a single piece of stone. I think t’s carrara marble. It’s approximately the color of our patio stone. So it’s obvious that it’s a vault lid, but it fits into the patio’s color scheme. Our BBQ grill stands over it most of the time.

    We periodically raise the lid to clear muck out from around the pump. The last time we did this, we dropped the lid and chipped its edges. It still works, but is very unsightly.

    We need a new piece of stone or artificial stone to replace it. The requirements are that it’s the same size as the current lid and approximately the same color. We don’t care what it’s made of. If it weighs less than the current one, that would be a plus.

    Do you do this kind of work? If not, can you recommend another company?

  2. Frank Lee says:

    Hello Sir

    My name is Frank Lee and i will like to know if you deal in Granite? If yes, let me know if you have them in slabs / cut them into sizes so i can email you back with details on what i need. I will be looking forward to hear from you.

    Frank Lee.

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