• Benefits of stone

    Most agree that natural stone is beautiful. But what makes it so special? Here is a list of benefits along with some myths about granite.
    Uniqueness- The natural beauty and unique formations will never be duplicated. 
    Heat & Cold Resistant- Natural stone can withstand extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. 
    Scratch Resistant- It is resistant to surface scratches. And in fact has the ability to dull knives. 
    Hygienic- Natural stone does not harbor bacteria, making a perfect choice for kitchens & bathrooms. 
    Enduring- Strength and durability of natural stone is evident hen considering structures built by ancient Roman civilizations that are still standing today! Natural stone can stand the test of time. 
    Timeless- Because of the timeless beauty of natural stone, it will never need to be upgraded or replaced. Natural stone works well with any design scheme, from traditional to ultra-modern.
    Stain Resistant– When granite is properly sealed, it will be stain resistant under normal everyday use. 
    Natural- A product of Mother Nature! Because it is a natural product formed deep within our earth’s crust, it is a more environmentally friendly choice.  
    Low Maintenance- Natural stone requires little maintenance and attention once it has been installed and sealed properly.

    Affordable- Contrary to common belief, natural stone is now more affordable than most other surfaces. Now everyone can enjoy the immense beauty of natural stone! 

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