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Stonework instantly conveys a rich sense of history & sophistication.

Latest From The Blog

  • Luxurious chocolate colored countertops

    This material being fabricatred is called Gris Pulpis from SPAIN. It has a very brown tone. If you were looking for more of a GREY/BROWN, try PIETRA GREY. It is also a marble, but not so golden brown.  
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  • Black Moon Soapstone Kitchen (behind the scenes)

    This is the slab they chose.

    The client arranged the templates on the slab, the way they’d like it to be cut.

    Here is the slab “dry set”. They are just about done with the edgework.

    Here is the slab on the waterjet machine, […]

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  • Clear White Marble with black & cream veins

    These slabs have really nice contrast. They have such a pure white back ground with very faint cream veins & nice thin lacey black/navy blue veins. There are some areas that also feature a rich rusty gold color, that is […]

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  • Soapstone Firebox

    We have lots of gray days here in Seattle, Washington. So we love having the fireplace roaring in the Fall & Winter months. The most efficient way, is having the fire as hot as it can get, and having it stay […]

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  • Soapstone waterfall

    Take a look at how stunning this Black Moon Soapstone island, with a waterfall looks! It works perfectly with these white cabinets and Italian Marble. Black & White
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  • Soapstone farm style sink

    This sink is made of a 3cm slab, called Symphony. The front has a slightly scooped front, making it appear like it was carved from a solid block. Soapstone slabs for this project were specified at a distributor, called Crocodile […]

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  • Fabrication of a beautiful quartzite fireplace

    Mantel upside down Mitered Legs Raised stone panel

    Here are […]

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  • Easy tool for oiling Soapstone!

    This is brilliant! Use a paint pad with a styrofoam handle, to spread your mineral oil or wax, so you don’t get your hands all greasy!! Keep it in tupperware under the sink, for easy access.
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  • Behind the scenes

    Here are a few behind the scene photos, of our stone mason Andy, fabricating a Black Moon Soapstone kitchen island & perimeter.  
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  • Soapstone Sinks are all the Rage!

    This is our 3rd soapstone sink that we’ve fabricated for customers, in just one week! Check out all the different options that you can choose, when customizing your stone sink. You can have a flat front, a bowed or scooped […]

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  • The making of a Travertine Fireplace

    This Fireplace mantle was fabricated from a few 3cm Noce Travertine slabs. It has an ornate scroll on the face of the mantle and the legs & base are somewhat simple, so it won’t take an attention away from the […]

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  • Silhouette Grey

    This material comes from the Alpi Apuane, or Apuan Alps mountains, of Italy’s famous Tuscany region. This veincut marble has a very low/matte honed finish. The colors are pale grey with minimal white and charcoal veining. 

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    margin-top: 10px;
    text-align: […]

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  • Mini marble church

    A tiny marble church fabricated here, by one of our most talented & meticulous stone artisians. He’s been with us for almost 20 years! He made the intricate windows panes out of polished steel. There also is a special pair of […]

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  • Marble wall panel

    Behind the scenes shot of this gorgeous paneled marble wainscot. Fabricated from Calacatta vagli gold.
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  • Who is Crocodile Rocks?

    Did you know you can buy your own slab without having to deal with the middle man? And the prices are right on the slab! We sell directly to the public! We stock 1cm, 2cm & 3cm slabs, as well […]

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